investing in your success

strengthen and develop your current workforce with work2future training funds

liên hệ với nhóm dịch vụ kinh doanh của chúng tôi để bắt đầu

strategically train your employees to boost competitiveness and meet future challenges

các work2future Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) program provides funding to offset the cost of training and right-skilling your employees:

  • workers learn new competencies đến upgrade their current performance, advance within their role, cung cấp productive business results 
  • you're in control of the training plan – select the courses and methods that work best for your employees
  • work2future will reimburse 50-90% of the total training cost


how is IWT different than other work2future training and experience programs?


IWT is a tool to help businesses invest in their hiện tại employees through training.  

IWT is employer-led and is built on a cost-sharing model: you select the specific training that best meets your workforce needs and work2future will reimburse a portion of the overall training costs. 

how much funding support is available?


work2future will reimburse 50-90% of your training costs depending on the size of your business and the selected training elements.  

reach out to our business services team to talk through your specific training plan:

what is an incumbent worker?


an incumbent worker is a person who has been employed by your business for 6+ months.

is my business eligible to participate?


eligible businesses are located in Santa Clara County, have been in operation for 12+ months, are up to date on all taxes and insurances, and are not currently in bankruptcy/layoffs.  

talk to our business services team to double-check eligibility and get started:

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