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Database Basics [Microsoft Access]

Students will learn how to use databases by working hands-on with Microsoft Access

  • Learn the purpose, advantages, and terminology of the relational database program.
  • Create and relate tables, the basic building blocks of a relational database.
  • Learn to build and use Queries to sort, filter, and format datasheets.
  • Learn how to build and use Forms to enter and edit data, Reports to create professional-looking printouts to present the data.
  • Demonstrate the differences between databases and spreadsheets.
  • Master the tools of entering, archiving, and searching for data.

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Tháng Tám 31 2020 - ngày 04 tháng 2020 năm XNUMX
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20 giờ học
1: 00 chiều - 4: 00 chiều

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